I first came to Ireland on a motor bike back in the summer of 1970 and toured around the south of the country, doing a loop from Rosslare to Limerick and back again.
En route I stopped at the lay-by on the N71 that overlooks Roaring Water Bay, the islands and the ruin that is now Jeremy Irons’ refurbished Kilcoe Castle.
I had an unusual sensation of home and belonging, that I could live in this beautiful part of the world, that it was comfortable, that I could set down roots here.  
Three years passed, I’d dropped out of college and decided to hitch hike through Europe and the Middle East.  
En route, once again, I stopped in Corfu and fell in with a bunch of like minded people living in a barn attached to a small taverna in one of Corfu’s small villages way off the tourist trail.
There I met my future wife, who after a year or so of Greek living, invited me back to Cork to meet her parents.
Her father suggested we go Skibbereen, the place of his birth and where many of his relatives still lived.  
So off we set in a rented car and after many introductions and cups of tea, we eventually ended up at the lay-by on the N71 that overlooks the bay, the islands and the castle.
Imagine my astonishment to see this view again and to learn that Dan, my future father in law, had been born in the house next to the lay-by.
Time passed and we eventually inherited land overlooking the lay-by, the bay and the castle, which is where we have lived for the last 32 years.  
Anseo. It’s a mystery why this land spoke to me but I’m thankful it did..
Geoff Greenham worked as a stained glass artist for 25 years.
He turned to photography 13 years ago, capturing the big sky, the seasonal changes of the land, the isolation of the landscape without ever feeling alone in it.  
The Paradox: He looks out through a lens and finds something within himself.
Geoff Greenham
August 2023
Red Sails, from Heir Island
Roaringwater Bay, West Cork, Ireland
West Cork Cottage overlooking Cape Clear Island
Dun Lough, 3 Castle Head, Mizen Peninsula
Ilen River on a misty evening
Ilen River
Foherlagh Row on mid winters day

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